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Specialist Services
Our specialist services include:

We are confident our expertise can help, whatever your requirements.
Recent work projects include:

  • Technical advice in connection with a major Public Inquiry
  • Independent chairmen for a Safety Review Panel and a Railway Accident Inquiry
  • Asset survey data and assistance with the drafting of a Route Acceptance Safety Case for running Eurostar trains on East Coast Main Line (ECML)
  • Audit of Train Operating Company (TOC) compliance with certain Railway Group Standards
We have provided safety assessment on:
  • The impact of a new traction feeder station on track circuits
  • Railtrack and London Underground interfaces
Safety Cases
A Safety Case is a document which sets out the arrangements by which a company will ensure the safety of its activities, or of some specific part of its activities such as a particular job or project.

The concept of Safety Cases was introduced into the railway industry from the nuclear and oil industries as part of the restructuring of the railway industry prior to privatisation.

The Railways (Safety Case) Regulations 1994, made under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, sets out the framework by which Train Operators' access to the rail network is regulated from the safety point of view.

There is a distinction between Railway Safety Cases, which must comply with the provisions of the Regulations, and other Safety Cases, such as a Contractor's Safety Case or a Route Acceptance Safety Case.

David Wilkinson Associates Ltd has extensive experience of the compilation and acceptance of various types of Safety Case; we can help existing or prospective Safety Case holders, with a range of services from general advice to detailed drafting.

Infrastructure Surveys
An important component of a Route Acceptance Safety Case is a survey of the types of equipment installed on the route, to enable electrical compatibility between the train and the infrastructure to be demonstrated.

David Wilkinson Associates Ltd has the capability out carry out such surveys, utilising both Railtrack's source records and site surveys as appropriate.

We have particular expertise in the area of Track Circuit surveys, but we can cover all types of electrical equipment.

Industry Structure
The UK Railway Industry has been completely restructured since 1993, and that part of the industry formerly controlled by British Rail has been moved from the public sector to the private sector.

The present situation is far from static, with changes to company ownership, organisation, and methods of working occurring all the time.

David Wilkinson Associates Ltd has experts in the fields of railway organisation and management who can help you to find your way through this complex and ever-changing structure.

Railway Operating and Railway Engineering Consultancy
David Wilkinson Associates Ltd has experts with wide experience in railway operating and railway engineering at senior level.

We can provide independent and authoritative advice on all aspects of the safe movement of trains on the UK infrastructure.

There are many thousands of standards applicable to the railway industry. In addition to national and international standards, there are whole families of standards which have been specifically written for, and apply to, the UK railways.

As far as the main line railways are concerned, the high-level standards for safety and safe inter-working are Railway Group Standards. These are administered by the Rail Safety and Standards Board, and they are mandatory upon all members of the Railway Group.

Each company then has its own internal standards; Network Rail has Network Rail Company Standards, and the various infrastructure contractors have their own work instructions and standards.

David Wilkinson Associates Ltd has wide experience of the drafting, approval, implementation and operation of standards at all levels, and we can provide help and advice in all standard-related areas.

We can draw railway maps and diagrams for you, in paper and/or electronic form, suitable for use in timetable brochures, advertisements, technical reports, or to put on your web-site. Click here to see a sample selection of maps and diagrams we have produced.

Train detection and train location
We can provide information, technical support and advice on all aspects of train position identification. This includes safety-critical train detection techniques such as track circuits and axle counters, non-safety-critical train location techniques such as those needed to drive passenger information systems, and intermediate systems such as plant location for possession management. We have particular expertise in the use of GPS and DGPS (ie satellite positioning) for train location.

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